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Terada Tera's characters are cute but odd and eccentric. Personifications of human emotion and inner thoughts. Surviving life in their unique style.

About Terada Tera

Japanese digital creator

Terada Tera was born in Germany, where she lived for 10 years.
The Gen Z digital creator is highly appraised for her unique sense of color and worldview.
Active in diverse fields, she has worked with various popular brands and artists including Yohji Yamamoto in apparel collaboration; Ado (“Ashura-chan”), Nanawo Akari (“Turing Love feat. Sou“) and mafumafu(déjà vu), providing visuals for their music videos.
We expect “Terada Tera” to expand beyond borders.

Terada Tera


Terada Tera's World

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